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Being a Saudi student who left his own country to pursue further studies in America

Being a Saudi student who left his own country to pursue further studies in america

Being a Saudi student who left his own country to pursue further studies in America

Starting a new life in any new country and culture is never an easy task. There are so many difficulties for a starter. Being a Saudi student who left his own country to pursue further studies in America, this narrative describes the cultural and linguistic experience I faced. The medium of instruction and the way we study in our own country is entirely different.  From language to curriculum to the culture of my classmates, everything was immensely different. This resulted in a wholesome novel way of interacting with the fellow students, teachers and academic settings. I remember my first day at college. It was certainly like jumping into an ocean of newness. I entered the c lass on my first day and was taken aback by the whole lot of new faces, different cultures and accents. My initial expression was that would I be able to make it or not. I was literally confused. I thought of packing up and saying good bye to my dream of getting higher education, for I was not made to compete and excel in such a competitive environment.

I considered myself a sheep among variety of creatures. That sheep was trying to hide itself from these creatures.The faces of my class fellows were inquisitive about me and I could understand that they were thinking that how come a student thrive in this environment.  The orientations of the teachers and the difficulty in understanding the English language was clearly thwarting my passion and dampening my enthusiasm for studies. Back in my country everything was different. There was no question of a cultural shock at all. Every teacher came and went and they introduced us to the way we must adhere to in order to get our job done. After looking at different ways of interacting of the students with me, I felt as if I am at mars or Jupiter. I was not coming in terms with anything. However, when I went back to home first day I sat down and talked to myself.


reminded myself that I have come here to seek education and knowledge. I have come to a place which is the land of innovation and creativity and I can never give up. That self counseling gave me a lot of courage and helped me to focus on the objectives I have already devised for myself.  The coming days were a real test for my determination. Initially, I considered it a herculean job to not only expresses me fluently and effectively, but it gave me a real tough time to cope with the stress of the semester system of American education system. The assessments and the variance of the education system along with the method of instructions all took a heavy toll on me. At times I felt myself sinking with the fear and disappointment of my weaknesses and shortcomings. I must not forget the unflinching support of my beloved teachers and mentors. They really made it easy and bearable for me. The things started to change and I was getting along with my studies. My classmates were also not different in extending their supportive hand in my journey. Things started to settle down and I kept on improving and getting understanding of everything. I not only learned how to interact efficiently with my teachers and peers, rather I also excelled at my studies. When I compare myself with the past, I am much composed and better placed now.  I have gained a lot of confidence and groomed myself and the feelings of anxiety and tension are over. it has also provided me an insight into the fact that we all are actually learners at every new stage. The beauty and charm of succeeding in new situations is also worth mentioning here. As human beings we need support and moral encouragement from the environment. This moral support is what makes us flourishing and improving to take up the challenges in life. The timidity and confusion which encircled me in the beginning has given way to confidence and clarity. I can never forget that experience because it gave me a reason to work hard. This experience has also enabled me to accept new challenges on daily basis and prove myself in different settings. Now I provide guidance and counseling to the new students who are at different stages of cultural shock. I tell them that it is only matter of time when they start doing this to others to play their role in helping others.

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